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About the Author

Jinny Toucan was born in Taunton, Massachusetts February 7th  (Ginny Stratton) but has spend the past 30 years living overseas in Jordan and Dubai.

Jinny is the mother of two adult sons, Tarik and Ali and recently lost her eldest son Tarik from a tragic accident on March 27, 2004.

This started Jinny on a path of spiritual exploration, bringing her back to the simple stories she shared with her boys as young children.

She now spends her time between Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the Middle East.

Is her real name Jinny Toucan?

No. Her real name is Ginny Toukan. She decided to change her name slightly so it would be “whimsical” and fun. This is called a “pseudonym”. Ginny always loved toucan birds and she found it amusing that she ended up marrying a Toukan!

For our younger readers (new word for glossary):

pseu-do-nym (sood-n-m) –noun
a fictitious name used by an author to conceal his or her identity; pen name; alias

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All Proceeds from the book will go to The Tarik Toukan Memorial Scholarship Fund